"Be your best you!" was something my mother, Melba, said to me when I was a young girl. She said it to encourage me when I had doubts about myself.  She said it when she saw me holding back from something she knew I could do.  And she said it to applaud me when I took a chance and discovered something new about myself.  Her words were a constant reminder to have confidence, to hold my head high, and to embrace new experiences.

Though my mother has passed, on, I still hear her words today.  In fact, with my daughter, I hear them more clearly than ever.  I know that "Be your best you!" is already guiding her because she's said these words to me!  I smile because it's clear that my daughter already understands the freedom these words have given me and promise her.  My mother would have loved knowing that.

I started Melba's Totes so that more girls could gain confidence from Mom's simple, yet powerful words.  We make bags that are fun and functional, and well-made in the US.  I designed each bag with my mother's words stitched inside so that every girl that carries a Melba's Totes bag can hear my mother walking along side her saying, "Be your best you!"